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Quick Start Guide

After receiving the account information from us, visit on your web browser to add your first email account!  Here are the steps on how to do so :

  1. Login to using the "Administrator Login Information" provided in the email.

    Note: The Administrator Username will always have "postmaster" prefix. e.g. 

    Login Page

  2. After successfully logging in, click on "Mailboxes". 


  3. You will now see a list of all the mailboxes configured for your domain. Click on the "New" button to add a new mailbox.
    The number of mailboxes you can create depend on the number of mailboxes you purchased from us.

    New Button

  4. A new mailbox creation wizard will pop up asking you information for the new mailbox.

    - Login (or username) is the name of the new mailbox.
    - Password is the password you want to set for the new mailbox.

      The password must be at least 8 characters long, have mixed case, have at least one letter, have at least one symbol.
      e.g. Abcdef1#

      You can also use this tool to help you create a strong password.

    - Rights refers to the user rights. Choose "User".
    - Display Name refers to the description of the mailbox. 
    - Quota refers to the mailbox size. By default, each buinsess email account comes 25GB space.
    - Redirect Mail to is for the purpose of routing emails to another mailbox.
      In this case of creating a new mailbox, leave this unchecked.
    - Status refers to whether this mailbox should be enabled or not. Leave this checked. 

    Click "Next >>" to create the Mailbox.

    New Mailbox
  5. The new mailbox has now been successfully created. Click "Finish" to close the window.

    New Mailbox

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