Setting up ActiveSync in Outlook 2013


Here are the steps to configure ActiveSync on Outlook 2013:


  1. Open your Outlook and follow the steps to add an account to an existing profile in Outlook 2013:

    a. Select the File menu item.

    b. click the Add Account button under the Account Information heading

    c. Select the Manual setup or additional server types option, then select Next. 

    d. Select or Exchange Activestnc compatible service option, then select Next.
    For full compatibility, it is recommended that you use this option rather than the "Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service" setup.

    e. You can now configure the account as per the steps in Configuring an Account.

  2. Enter the following 

    a. Your full email address as User Name.
    b. Your email password 
    c. And set as the Mail Server under Server Information

    and click Next to apply the settings.

  3. If everything okay, you should see the "Completed" status like below.

  4. Click Finish to complete the configuration.


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