Calender Appointments

Using the Business Email Calender

This article will show you how to get the most out of your business email calender. 

  1. Login to

    Enter your Username (which is your full email address) and Password (password is case sensetive!) for access. Click "Login" to proceed. 

  2. After successfully logging in, you will be presented with your main dashboard view. Click on the "Calendar" tab to go to the Calendar dashboard view.

  3. The Calendar has four different views:

    - Daily (default) view shows you all your calendar events for the day.
    - Weekly view shows you all your calendar events for the week.
    - Monthly view shows you all calendar events for the month
    - Yearly view shows you all calendar events for the year.


  4. To add an Calendar event, click on the "New Appintment" button on the top left hand corner. You can specify the following information when you add a new Calendar appointment.

    - Description refers to the name of the Calendar event.
    - Location (optional) refers to the name of the location of the event.
    - Start / Finish Time refers to the actual start and finish date tme of the calendar event.
    - All Day Event checking this box will make this an whole day event.
    - Attendees (optional) allow you to choose from your Contacts the people who are attending your event.
    Note: Your attendee must first be in your contacts before you are able to invite him. If not, create the person as a new contact before choosing him.

    Send an email to each attendee checking this box will send an email notification to the list of attendees.

    Show Time As allows you to choose your status as "Busy" (default), "Free", "Tentative" or "Out of Office".
    - Sensitivity allows you to set the privacy of the  calender event as "Normal" (default), "Confidential","Private" or "Personal".
    - Reminder allows you set time in of when you want to be reminded of this event.
    - Notes allows you to enter any notes regarding this event.

    New Calendar Appointment

  5. The Recurrance tab allows you to repeat the Calendar event you are creating.

    - Frequency allows yo repeat the event daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
    - Start date allows you to specify when the recurrance should be begin.
    - End date allows you to specify how the recurrance should end: either by date or number of recurrances. You can also specify that the recurrance should not end.

    Calendar Recurrance

  6. Click "Save" to create your calender appoinment.

  7. If you have chosen "Send an email to each attendee", your attendees will receive an email. When they respond (by clicking Attend, Tentative or Decline), this event will be added to their own calendar. 

    Note: Attendees have the option of amending their response anytime.

    In addition, you as the organizer will also receive an email notification that they have replied and have the option to "Update" your own calender on the list of attendees attending.

    Note: Only the organizer of the event can invite additional attendees and amend the details of the event. If the attendee tries to amend the event, he will only be amending his own calender entry.

  8. If you as the organizer decide to amend the date and time of the event, a new invite will be sent out. This will also reset the list of attendees response.
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